The non-profit 501c3 Oklahoma Aquarium is the first introduction to the ocean and marine life for many Oklahomans and the only large public aquarium in Oklahoma. Our mission is to educate and inspire conservation of our aquatic world through interactive discovery. Approximately 30,000 students and 400,000 guests visit the aquarium annually. The Oklahoma Aquarium team provides an informal science experience that, in combination with formal science education, forms the backbone of science learning. Students enjoy a fun, informal science adventure while participating in a one-of-a-kind experience in the Tulsa metropolitan area! As we enter our 20th year, we are excited to provide even more educational experiences, providing a unique opportunity for students to interact with thousands of animals and learn about our aquatic world and how their actions impact it.

Oklahoma has a population of 700,000 school-aged children; only 4% of Oklahoma school children visit the aquarium annually, often due to financial restrictions. The aquarium team strives to bridge the socio-economic gap by offering free field trips to schools through our Fish Friends Scholarship Fund. The aquarium hit a major milestone this past year; more than half of all students visited the aquarium at no cost! 63% of our 32,000+ students received a free field trip due to the generosity of our partners and donors.